Our Church

All people who live in the Parish or who live away but have a strong connection to Dodworth are welcome to have their children baptised - or to be baptised themselves -  in Church. Baptisms normally occur on Sunday mornings. Parents and godparents must be willing to bring young children up in the Christian faith and godparents must have been baptised themselves. If your godparents haven't been baptised then please contact us to talk about the possibilities available.

The Church of England offers a Thanksgiving Service for those families who wish to bring their children to Church for prayers and naming, but who do not wish to make any definite Christian commitment.

Baptism services are offered free of any charge, but donations towards the upkeep of the building are always welcome. Tax payers are asked to sign Gift Aid declarations so we can claim tax back from the Treasury.

Our Priest, Father Keith Freeman will be delighted to meet with you to discuss any questions that you may have and to make arrangements for a Baptism in our Church. You can contact him by sending him an email by selecting the button below - please don't forget to provide your full phone and other contact details, or you can call us on 07437 350206.

Email the Vicar