Our Church

If you or your partner have a residence in the Parish (see map in About our Parish) then you are legally allowed to marry in the Parish Church if it is your first marriage or if you are a widow or widower. Since October 2008 people with a demonstrable connection to a particular Parish have also been allowed to marry within the Parish Church even if they no longer have a residence there - the law is quite specific so please contact us to discuss your options to find out if this is a possibility for you.

If either one of you has been married before and a previous spouse is still living, the Church of England's policy is that you may only remarry in Church in exceptional circumstances. Normally a Blessing of a Civil Marriage would be offered to couples who wish their new relationship to be blessed in Church. Again, please contact us to discuss your hopes and plans.

Wedding Blessings may also happen for couples who wish to renew their vows and we would be delighted to help arrange such celebrations.

Weddings may happen on most days if a Vicar is available, but will not be conducted during the week before Easter Sunday, Easter Sunday or Christmas Day.

It costs about £570 to marry in Dodworth Church, but could be more or less depending on your requirements.

For more information, please send us an email by selecting the button below, providing full phone and other contact details, or you can call Father Keith on 07437 350206.


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