Reasons not to Come to Church

Might like to come to Church? Maybe you have some questions: well we all did!

Check out some of the commonest questions - and their answers - below. Just click on the text for the answer:

"I don’t know what to do"

We don’t, sometimes, but we have a little book that helps us.

We’ll help you – not try to catch you out.

"People will stare at me"


People will smile at you.

We’re all in this together.

"I don't know anybody"

That'll last until you walk through the door.

We're just the same as you - local people from in and around the Dodworth area - and cannibalism died out round here a few years back . . . .

"I'm too tired - I need a 'lie in'"

Nothing wrong with that - so do we sometimes.

Coming to Church can give your soul a good 'lie in' as well!

"I’m self conscious"

What you – no way!

As long as you’re conscious – that’s all that matters.

"Church people are always so serious"


Check out some of the answers to these questions.

"Ten years ago, someone at a Church somewhere was really awful to me"

That's really bad, and we're sorry.

Give us a chance to make that up to you.

"I don’t know the hymns"

Neither do we, sometimes! – But that doesn’t matter.

(We still have hymn books though!)

"I can't come to Church until I get my life together"

Church is HOW we get our life together.

A place for New Beginnings.

"Church is filled with a bunch of Hypocrites"


and there's always room for one more . . . . . .

Imprefect people welcome.

"All they care about is your money"


We care about you, not your money.

it's People that are Priceless.

"Is there some kind of Dress Code?"


The code is 'wear some clothes';

Come as you are.

"Church makes me nervous"

We were all nervous at first.

But then we felt right at home.

"I'm not sure I believe everything you believe"


But you can still belong;

Doubters welcome - in fact we could probably let you have a few of ours!

"Church is filled with Guys who are Wimps"

You wanna say that again, Pal?

Seriously though, there are many members of our Congregation that you wouldn't call Wimps - and they're only the ladies!

"If you knew me and what I’ve done, you wouldn’t want me"

If you know us and what we’ve done, you wouldn’t be worried.

Forgiven – a magic word.

"I'm not Church of England"


You are what matters, not a label.

It’s not just about a religion – It’s more about a relationship.

Come to St John the Baptist in Dodworth, where:

  • Nobody’s perfect
  • Beginners (or not) are welcome
  • Socks are optional
  • Forgiveness is offered
  • Hope is alive
  • Peace is available
  • Only Grace is required

And where its OK, to NOT be OK - really